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Welcome to LightStories...
A place where veterans of any war, and active duty service members, have shared their Combat Near Death Experience (CNDE) stories. These stories have now been compiled into a book as a way for them to be told and shared. 
A CNDE can be a very private experience and often difficult to share primarily because the person who experienced the CNDE may feel their story is unbelievable.  Also, spirituality may come into questioning when dealing with a CNDE. These experiences and stories should be shared and in so doing, the service member not only unburdens their own soul but can also provide valuable information to others who want to share their story but are afraid to.  It's important, as members of the human race, to share our experiences with each other.  Because even though you may know, (on an intellectual level), you are not the only one who has experienced this, in your heart you may feel very isolated and alone...but you are not!

LightStories has been searching for and has now compiled these inspiring stories into a book published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., that strengthens the belief that eternal life awaits us after crossing over. We believe in telling these stories and sharing these events as projected by the Combat Near Death Experience.  The result of a CNDE can be healing for yourself and others who have experienced the same. We look forward to sharing this book with everyone and hope to promote awareness, understanding and healing.
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